Chosen by Coca-Cola as one of the top 10 fun runs in the world!

What is this?
This is your opportunity to spend the day either with a partner or as an individual competing in a one of a kind urban adventure race. You’ll need to think on your feet and use your brain to solve a clue sheet full of puzzles, riddles and clues to find 12 destinations, and prove you found them by taking a picture of what is described (with your team token or bib number in the shot). Think of it like a scavenger hunt. Each race is custom built based on the history, unique features and landmarks of the city. This isn’t a run of the mill “eat a bite of ice cream”, or “take a picture wearing a fake mustache” kind of urban race…our races are actually exciting, mentally challenging and we take care to ensure you will have tons of fun!  You’ll get to see corners of your city you probably didn’t know existed, and you’ll have a blast doing it!

What kind of shape do I need to be in?
It is left to the competitor to determine whether or not they are in the proper condition for the event. The 5K Course City Challenge Urban Race courses are 3.1 Miles, and just about anyone can complete them in a couple hours by walking, jogging or running. More often than not, the competitive edge goes to those who keep a steady pace and can think on their feet. The City Challenge Urban Race Half Marathon Course on the other hand is designed with more athletically inclined participants in mind (folks who are regular runners and can handle a Half Marathon or 13.1 Mile total distance over the course of 2-4 hours). Courses might be slightly longer or shorter due to the geography of each city, but 90% of the time they are right on the dot. Given the amount of time we allow people to be out on the course you don’t need to worry about running hard to finish either course…just focus on having fun and completing all the objectives!

How much does it cost?
Please refer to the event registration page for each particular event. We do not offer on-site registration at this time. Registrations are processed through active.com and runsignup.com. Your entry fee includes an event shirt, race number, and some pretty cool stuff from our sponsors for both team members (or individuals). Consistent with industry standard, there are no refunds for any reason other than Hegness Events Cancelling an event. In the unlikely situation the event you registered for is cancelled by Hegness Events, you will promptly receive a full refund via check.

What is the Half Marathon course?
The Half Marathon course is for serious runners! We went out of our way to come up with an event we feel will be a game changer in the urban racing industry by designing an alternate route for those who want to get in a long run in addition to having fun. The Half Marathon course total distance is 13.1 Miles and will feature longer stretches of run between objectives.

Official Rules
1. You may only travel by foot (run, walk and/or jog).
2. Teammates must stay together at all times (no splitting up). This rule doesn’t apply to solo runners.
3. One team member must be present in all destination pictures (if running solo, your token must be present in the picture).
4. There is a 4 hour time limit (if you do not get to the finish location in that amount of time you are disqualified).
5. Total number of objectives completed is the first factor that determines place in official standings (Example: a team that takes 3 hours to complete all 12 objectives beats the team that takes 2 hours to complete 11 objectives).
6. Once you turn in your clue sheet you cannot return to the course to correct mistakes.

What kind of prizes?
Everyone who enters, competes or volunteers receives a T-shirt. First, second and third place competitors from both courses will receive medals! From time to time a sponsor will include free stuff for all entrants and/or prizes in addition to what is provided by us.

How well do I have to know my city or area?
You can be a complete stranger to the locale and terrain and still be a winner…happens all the time.

Will I have to eat or drink something gross?
NO! You will NEVER have to eat or drink something to complete the race. This question comes up often and we’re aware some organizers make people do this, but we’re here for everyone to have a good time…not get sick.

What can I use to find the destinations?
You can use ANYTHING at your disposal. Phone, tablet, asking a local, phone calls to friends etc. There are no restrictions as to what technology or method you can use (except asking Hegness Events staff).

Can I ride a skateboard, rollerskates etc.?
No, no and no…you may ONLY use your feet to navigate the course (none of those goofy wheel-in-the-heel shoe things either). Further, no taxi, bus, bicycle, scooter, shopping cart or ANY kind of wheeled conveyance may be used. Anyone caught by event staff using any mode of transportation other than on foot will be immediately disqualified.

Do I have to have a teammate?
No. We offer an individual participant registration option, so you can compete as a single!

I registered, but can’t attend. Can I transfer my bib to another individual or team?
Yes! We have no problem whatsoever with transferring bibs at any point in time up to 48 hours from the day of the race. All we ask is the original registrant email scott@hegnessevents.com with the name of who will be participating in their place prior to the day of the race (so we can update our rosters).

I can’t participate, but can I volunteer?
Yes, we reward our volunteers with a fun day and a free pass for a future event! Plus, you’ll get a T-Shirt and some other cool stuff. Contact scott@hegnessevents.com if you are interested in volunteering. It is advised you contact ASAP, as volunteer spots are limited and in demand.

Can an individual or company sponsor an event?
Yes. Please send sponsorship questions to sponsor@hegnessevents.com or scott@hegnessevents.com

Will I need to sign a waiver?
Yes, Hegness Events will provide for you a waiver to sign at check-in on race day. Further, all competitors must be at least 18 years of age. Minors may compete ONLY in a team, and if their partner is their parent/legal guardian and the parent/guardian signs a waiver.

What will I need to bring?
Shoes suitable for walking, running or jogging (whatever your pace might be) and clothing suitable to the climate is always advised. A pen or pencil is mandatory for working on your clue sheet. A digital camera, cell phone camera, tablet camera or in general any kind of camera that is capable of showing us the pictures at the end of the race to confirm reaching the destinations. An internet capable cell phone, smart phone, laptop, tablet, pad etc. can certainly come in handy and are allowed in the competition, so if you have one…bring it! Both team members will also need to show an ID at check in prior to the start of the race.

Do you do private events, team building or fundraisers?
Yes, we sure do! Contact the owner via email at scott@hegnessevents.com to discuss your needs for the event.

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